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Samer AlOgidi

Katerina Smoldyreva

Katerina with husband Steve in New Zealand
Katerina at one of her art exhibitions in New Zealand
Katerina as a child in Russia
Katerina and husband Steve in the UAE
Sculptor Katerina Smoldyreva
Katerina hosting a tour of the Govett-Brewster art gallery and Len Lye Centre in New Zealand
Samer with Andrew
Samer with parents
Samer and his beloved Grandmother
Samer's parents, 1970's Damascus, when they were engaged to be married
Samer with parents
Samer and brother in Syria
Samers mother (bottom right) when Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank was established, 1980's

Nasrine Abdulla

Nasreen at 5 years old - Sharjah UAE
Nasreen with parents visiting India
Nasreen as a baby in the UAE
Nasreen's parents at their wedding reception
Nasreen's father at their Nikaah ( Islamic marriage Ceremony)
Nasreen's parents as a young couple in the UAE
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Feyaza at work
The girls only 3 months after they arrived in their new home with Feyaza and Robert
Nikkah ceremony in Manchester
Party to celebrate the adoption becoming official
Feyaza's step father
Feyaza and the girls
Dubai wedding boat trip and close friend Sheida who was part of our comedy company
Feyaza and brother
Burgh island wedding

Feyza Khan

Malak Harb

Lucia Burgio

On assignment
Volunteering in Africa
The Burgio Family Brighton UK
Myself with our eldest daughter Veronica
Lucia Burgio St Andrews Scotland
Dubai 2005, Mum & Dad

Parvez Qadir.  (more coming soon...)

Me and my late father Haji Ghulam Qadir.

Shana Kad

Shana with family in Dubai
Some of the rescued children at the Divine Onkar Mission
Shana's parents and eldest sister on arrival in the UK
The family with the Ford Cortina
Eldest sisters first day at school in the UK
A family day out (Shana at front, white cardigan)
Shana with husband and sons on holiday in Thailand
Decorating for Christmas
Shana with her two younger brothers

Vikki (Cheung) Humphries